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Braycote 600

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Low Temperature Grease, Rocket Propellant Compatible

Braycote 600 EF


Brayco 600 Description
Castrol Braycote 600 EF is a smooth, buttery, translucent off-white colored, NLGI #2 grease.
Braycote 600 EF uses Castrol Brayco 815Z as the base fluid and a tetrafluoroethylene telomer as the gelling agent. Braycote 600 EF is nonflammable, chemically inert, and thermally stable and does not use any chlorofluorocarbons (CFC's) during product manufacturing.
Braycote 600 EF has exceptionally low volatility and has little tendency to form deposits. Braycote 600 EF has excellent lubricating properties, good shear stability, and low acute toxicity. Castrol Fluoroclean™ X100 or Castrol Fluoroclean™ HE can be used to remove this lubricant.

Castrol Braycote 600 EF

Braycote 600 EF Temperature Range
 -80ºC to 204ºC (-112ºF to 400ºF)

Brayco 600 Uses
Braycote 600 EF is designed to operate in the presence of fuels, oxidizers, and in applications of deep space vacuum. Braycote 600 EF is used in gears, ball and roller bearings, electrical contacts, and "O" rings. Braycote 600 EF grease is highly recommended for applications where temperature extremes and/or low vacuums are routine, such as cryogenic coolers, FLIR, laser optical systems, or hostile chemical environments.

Braycote 600 Preparation
To receive full protection for extended equipment storage, it is recommended to add Braycote 600 in concentrations between 10 and 15 percent by volume. Lower concentrations, between 5 and 10 percent, may be suitable for some component storage applications depending upon storage conditions and length of storage. Consult the engine manufacturer's maintenance manual or service bulletin to determine specific engine model dilution ratio recommendations.

Braycote 600 Typical Properties:

Braycote 600 EF 

Health, safety and environmental information are provided for this product in the Safety Data Sheet. This gives details of potential hazards, precautions and First Aid measures, together with environmental effects and disposal of used products. Castrol will not accept liability if the product is used other than in the manner or with the precautions or for the purpose(s) specified. Before using the product other than directed, please contact Castrol for consultation.