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Braycote 248

Braycote 248
Castrol Braycote 248

Braycote 248

Corrosion Preventive Compound Petrolatum, Hot or Cold Application, Soft Film

Braycote 248 is available in 35 pound pails.

Braycote 248 Description
Braycote 248 is designed to protect machined, unpainted metal surfaces from the effects of indoor or shed exposure for periods of six months or more. It is especially suitable for the preservation of anti-friction bearings in storage or shipment.

Braycote 248 meets the requirements of specification and is qualified to MIL-C-11796C, Class 3. This product is identified by NATO Code: C-627. Castrol.

Braycote 248 Uses
Braycote 248 may be applied by dipping at temperatures from 160°F to 180°F (71°C to 82°C). Braycote 236 may be brushed or swabbed on at room temperature when its consistency resembles a soft grease, or at elevated temperatures when it resembles an oil. Hot spray applications can be used for protecting large pieces of equipment that are too large in size for dipping applications.
Optimal performance can be achieved only when the metal surfaces to be protected are clean, dry and free of rust, oil and mill scale.
The coverage of Braycote 248 will widely vary dependent on the method of application and surface geometries.
Parts allowed to reach the temperature of the compound before removal from the tank. Approximate coverage and film thickness data for the different methods are given in the following table:

Braycote 248 Typical Properties
Braycote 248
Braycote 248

Braycote 248 may be removed by solvent or steam cleaning.