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Braycote 444

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Braycote 444

Extended Life Grease for Aircraft Airframe Equipment


Braycote 444 Description
Castrol Braycote 444 Extended Life Grease for Aircraft Airframe Equipment
Castrol Braycote 444 (previously called Aeroplex™ 444) is a hybrid synthetic, lithium complex NLGI Grade 2 grease. Braycote 444 contains proprietary Castrol addititives and offers excellent low temperature properties. Braycote 444 has enhanced anti-wear, oil separation, corrosion resistance and low temperature torque characteristics.

Braycote 444 Uses
Braycote 444 is an extended-life grease designed for use In aircraft airframe equipment.
Braycote 444 was specifically developed for the Boeing Company and is approved to Boeing Specification BMS 3-34.
Typical uses include roller bearings, actuator screws and other airframe equipment. Braycote 444 should be used in accordance with the guidelines and maintenance practices specified by Boeing in applications requiring a BMS 3-34 grease or according to the requirements of other aircraft manufacturers.

Braycote 444 Specification
Braycote 444 is approved to BMS 3-34.

Braycote 444 Typical Properties
Braycote 444