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Brayco IC X-100
QC Lubricants carries Castrol Brayco ICX100 in 3.5 AND 14 LB. BOTTLES.

Brayco IC X-100 Description
Brayco™ IC X-100 (previously called Fluoroclean™ X-100) is a high performance, environmentally friendly, nonflammable solvent. It is chemically inert, non-flammable, very low in toxicity, and compatible with most metals, plastics, and elastomers. 

Brayco IC X-100, perfluorinated solvent is recommended for use in grease plating applications.


Brayco IC X-100 Application
Brayco IC X-100 is designed for use as a substitute for Freon 113 (CFC-113)* in grease plating perfluorinated lubricants and other halogenated lubricants, including Castrol Braycote 600EF, 601EF, 602EF, 603EF, 631, 631A, 640, 640AC, 802, 802RP, 803, 803RP, 803EP, 804, 805, 806, 806RP, 807, 807RP, 812, 815Z, 1613, 1616, 1624, 1625, 1632, 1636, 1721, 1722, 1723, 1724, 1728, 1729, Optitemp 1000 (formerly Endurex 1000), and Braycote GS, LVP, and 296.

Brayco IC X-100

User Advise
Brayco IC X-100 is not an effective solvent for mineral oil or silicone oil based lubricants. This product was previously called Fluoroclean X-100. The name changed in 2015


Health, safety and environmental information are provided for this product in the Safety Data Sheet.This gives details of potential hazards, precautions and First Aid measures, together with environmental effects and disposal of used products. Castrol will not accept liability if the product is used other than in the manner or with the precautions or for the purpose(s) specified. Before using the product other than directed, please contact Castrol for consultation.