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Brayco 885

brayco 885
brayco 885

Brayco 885

Low Volatility, Aircraft Instrument Lubricating Oil

QC Lubricants carries Brayco 885 in 5 gallon pails.

Brayco 885 Description
Castrol Brayco™ 885 is a diester base synthetic oil with additives which impart corrosion protection, minimizegalvanic corrosion, inhibit oxidation, and reduce foaming tendencies. It has exceptionally low volatility and goodviscosity temperature characteristics.

Brayco 885 Temperature Range
Brayco 885 is designed to operate over the temperature range of -65ºF to 250ºF (-54ºC to 121º
Brayco 885 Application
Brayco 885 is intended for use in aircraft instruments, electronic equipment, or in applications where an oil with alow evaporation rate is required for both high and low temperature operation, and also where oxidation andcorrosion resistance are desirable.
Brayco 885 may adversely affect certain paints and elastomers. Products other than those developed for diesterbase fluids should be carefully tested for compatibility prior to use.

Brayco 885 Specifications
Brayco 885 is qualified under Specification MIL-PRF-6085D. It is specified as a P-17 preservative underpackaging Specification MIL-STD-2073-1

BRAYCO 885 Typical Properties
brayco 885