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Royco 308CA

Royco 555


ROYCO 555 is available in 55 gallon drums, 5 gallon pails, and 1 quart cans packed twenty-four to a carton.

Royco 555

ROYCO 555 is an advanced 5 centistoke synthetic lubricating oil for gas turbine engines and helicopter transmissions. The product is a blend of "hindered" polyol esters and a finely balanced modern technology additive package resulting in enhanced load carrying performance, anti-wear, corrosion protection, and excellent thermal - oxidative stability.

*Qualification test not normally performed for routine quality conformance.

ROYCO® 555 Applications
ROYCO 555 was specifically developed for use in high performance gas turbine engines developed during the mid 1960’s for the SST and Concorde. These advanced engines required a lubricant having good high temperature stability as well as extreme pressure load carrying capability. ROYCO 555 was developed for the demands of increasingly higher power output engines that subsequently develop higher operating temperatures
and loads. It was also designed to give improved performance in current engines.

ROYCO 555 was also formulated to meet the requirements of helicopter gearbox and transmission systems.
A high load carrying oil such as ROYCO 555 is necessary to meet the load requirements and reliability demands of those systems.
More recently with the need to transmit more power and higher loads through helicopter gearbox and transmission systems, extensive evaluation by helicopter airframe manufacturers has demonstrated this improved load carrying ability which has resulted in improved reliability - particularly by increased time between overhaul (TBO.)
This oil should only be used in applications where synthetic oils have been specified or in systems expressly designed for synthetic lubricants.

NOTE: ROYCO 555 should not be used with silicone-based elastomers.

ROYCO® 555 Approvals
ROYCO 555 meets all the requirements and is qualified under U.S. Military specification DoD-PRF-85734 as well as meeting the requirements of:
▪ U.K. DERD.2497 ▪ XAS-2354 ▪ British DEF STAN 91-100
▪ NATO Code O-160
▪ UK Joint Service Designation OX-26 ROYCO 555 is approved commercially for use in aircraft transmissions, gearboxes, and gas turbine engines manufactured by Pratt and Whitney (521C Type II), Pratt and Whitney Canada, IAE, CFM International, General Electric (D-50 TF 1), RR Allison (EMS-53 (Obsolete)) , Rolls Royce, Garrett, Motorlet, and Turbomeca, as well as Garrett and Sunstrand accessories.

 A detailed application list is available upon request. ROYCO 555 is also approved for use in Eurocopter/Aerospatiale, Boeing Vertol, Bell Helicopter Textron, Agusta, Hughes/McDonnell Douglas, MBB, Sikorsky, and Westland helicopter transmissions.

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