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Royco 889

Royco 889


ROYCO 889 is available in 5g, and 55g

Royco 889

ROYCO 889 is a synthetic-based lubricant formulated for use in gas compression applications that require wide operating temperature ranges and minimum interaction between the lubricant and the process gas.


ROYCO® 889 Applications

ROYCO 889 is intended for the lubrication of flooded rotary screw and vane-type compressors processing natural gas, carbon dioxide, or other hydrocarbon gases.
ROYCO 889 may also be used as a cylinder lubricant for reciprocating compressors processing natural gas, carbon dioxide and other gases that require chemical resistance in an ISO 150 viscosity grade.

ROYCO® 889 Advantages
• Resists wash off by hydrocarbon gases and liquids
• Resists absorption into the gas phase and carry-over of the lubricant downstream
• Minimizes dilution effects due to insolubility of the lubricant with hydrocarbons
• Higher film-strength that traditional lubricants
• Protects against corrosion
• Fully compatible with most compressor component materials, including: seals, gaskets, hoses, etc.

ROYCO® 889 Approvals
Recommended: Acetone, Alcohol, Asbestos, Butyl Dioxtol, Chlorinated Solvents, Glycol Ether, Neoprene, Epoxy Paint, Silicone Rubber, Toluene, Torlon (AMOCO), Vespal (DuPont), and Viton (DuPont). Questionable: Ethylene Glycol, Triethanolamine, and Water. Not Recommended: Gasoline, Glycerol, Heptane, Kerosene, Leather, Methanol, and Oil-based paint