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MIL-SPEC Corrosion Prevention Compounds

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Mil-Spec corrosion Mil-Spec Preventives

MIL-SPEC Corrosion Preventives



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  MIL-SPEC Preventive Compound Information MIL-SPEC Corrosion Preventive Compound Product Name
TT-C-520B Tectyl 121B is a solvent cutback, thixotropic Corrosion Preventive compound suitable for complete undercoating for transportation equipment. Tectyl 121B
MIL-PRF-3150 Lubricating and preserving internal surfaces of machine assemblies (except combustion engines) also for small arms and artillery Tectyl 802A
MIL-C-6529 Ready mixed for reciprocation engines. For preserving reciprocating engines and equipment Royco 581
Royco 482
Royco 483
MIL-PRF-8188 Corrosion-preventive oil for preservation of engines which normally operate on synthetic base oils. Brayco 5899
MIL-PRF-1617 Protect non critical metal items in outdoor storage; used on bolts, chains and similar items Tectyl 891D
Tectyl 502C
Tectyl 894
Tectyl 846
Tectyl 511M
MIL-PRF-18487 Compound, gun slushing Tectyl 828
MIL-PRF-32033 MIL-PRF-32033 is a lubricating oil, general purpose, preservative. (water-displacing, low temperature) This MIL-PRF-32033 specification supercedes VV-L-800. Pro Lube
MIL-PRF-62218 Types I and II Tectyl 517 is a solvent born, thixotropic, corrosion preventive compound designed for rust-proofing transportation equipment. Tectyl 5177
MIL-PRF-81309 Type II, class 1 MIL-PRF-81309 Type II, class 1 is intended for use on moving parts where some lubrication is required, such as hinges, bomb racks, and sliding parts. This mil-spec supercedes MIL-C-81309. Please call us for product information and technical advice.
MIL-PRF-81309 Type III, class 2, grade 134A (aerosol) The ultra-thin film, corrosion preventive compound covered by this specification is intended for use on any metal surface. MIL-PRF-81309 can be used both for initial protection during shipment and storage and for in-service treatment. Please call us for product information and technical advice..
MIL-DTL-85054(AS) Type 1, class 134A (aerosol) The compound covered by MIL-DTL-85054 can be used on metal surfaces not exceeding 250 ºF (121 ºC) as a transparent, temporary corrosion preventive coating.
MIL-DTL-85054 is military-unique since its corrosion resistance capability is much greater than that of an off-the-shelf commercial compound, in order to protect against the harsh environment typically encountered by military aircraft.
MIL-DTL-85054 Type II