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AMLGuard MIL-DTL-85054


AMLGuard MIL-DTL-85054

Formerly MIL-C-85054


General Description:

MIL-DTL-85054 (Formerly MIL-C-85054) (AMLGuard) is a general purpose, heavy duty. durable, hard film forming, corrosion preventative compound.
MIL-DTL-85054 (Formerly MIL-C-85054) is available in liquid and aerosol form. The aerosol is available with a nonflammable propellant (Class l34A)or with an economical flammable propellant. (class B) MIL-DTL-85054 (Formerly MIL-C-85054) dries to a hard protective coating.
MIL-DTL-85054 (Formerly MIL-C-85054) will displace salt water and moisture leaving a clear, corrosion preventive film.
Depending on the environment MIL-DTL-85054 (Formerly MIL-C-85054) can last 6 months to one year before reapplying. It is available in many sizes. Give us a call here at QC Lubricants for product advise.

Where to Use:

MIL-DTL-85054 (Formerly MIL-C-85054) is intended for use on unpainted metal surfaces. Use on or around fasteners, seams, access panels, and other areas where paint has been chipped. MIL-DTL-85054 (Formerly MIL-C-85054) is not intended as a lubricant for moving parts.

How to Use:

Wipe off excess dirt and moisture from surface to be protected prior to application. AMLGuard (MIL-DTL-85054, formerly MIL-C-85054) can be sprayed, brushed, or dipped. Application by wiping is not recommended. For best results mix well prior to use and allow to dry one half hour before applying second coat.
Reapply MIL-DTL-85054 (Formerly MIL-C-85054) as necessary alter solvent cleaning or where coating has been damaged by abrasion. MIL-DTL-85054 (Formerly MIL-C-85054) should be used with adequate ventilation.

When to Use:

Use AMLGuard MIL-DTL-85054 (Formerly MIL-C-85054) as an integral part of a regular maintenance program to prevent rust and corrosion.

AMLGuard MIL-DTL-85054