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Lubribond 220

Lubribond 220

Lubribond 220


Lubribond 220 Purchase and Information:

Lubri-Bond 220 Container Size:
QC Lubricants carries Lubri-Bond 220 in aerosol cans.

Lubri-Bond 220 Shelf Life:
1 year from date of manufacture.


 Lubri-Bond 220 Features / Benefits:
bullet  Good corrosion resistance
bullet  Fair chemical resistance
bullet  Suitable for field applications
bullet  Ideal for higher load carrying applications Lubri-Bond 220 Markets:
bullet  Aerospace/Defense
bullet  Mechanical Components
bullet  Industrial Machinery and Equipment
 <br><img alt=  Fabricated Metal Parts


Lubri-Bond 220 Typical Applications:
 <br><img alt=  Tooling, brackets and wear plates
 <br><img alt=  Guide and sliding rails
 <br><img alt=  Seals, clamps, and couplings
 <br><img alt=  Bearings, gears, splines and cams

Lubri-Bond 220 Physical Properties



Lubri-Bond 220

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